Royal Oman Police Hospital – A Hospital of the Superlative

A functional medical building? No way! With the ROP – Royal Oman Police Hospital – a medical centre was created that reminds more of a palace than a hospital. The ROP is primarily intended for members of the Royal Oman Police and their relatives. The building complex consists of a main building and a total of 20 associated buildings and covers a built-up area of 90,000 square metres.
In the final stage of construction, the Royal Oman Police Hospital will provide 600 beds for patients, a cancer centre, a trauma centre, a paediatric clinic, a gynaecological clinic, a heart centre, a surgery department and two separate floors for VIP accommodation. The ROP area is complemented by an orthopaedics department, diagnostic and treatment areas, an ambulance, research and educational facilities and a multi-storey staff accommodation with residential units.
Not only the architecture but also the ventilation and air-conditioning technology is impressive. A total of 165 AHUs by robatherm move more than 2.2 million cubic metres of air per hour. All AHUs are designed for outdoor use. For many of the details, the building owners chose the supreme solution. In consideration of the sometimes extreme outdoor temperatures, the housings of the AHUs are, for example, provided with an insulation of 70 mm. The fans were designed for redundant operation in order to ensure the highest possible operational reliability. And spacious inspection chambers before and after each component allow convenient maintenance.