Antimicrobial powder coating.
Effective protection.

Air handling units treat the air, and have to ensure its sustained quality. The surface coating of the air handling units contains permanently active substances, providing a valuable contribution to the reduction of germs.

To avoid the risk of formation of a biofilm in air handling units, robatherm offers air handling units with a long-acting, verified powder coating. Antimicrobial additives are incorporated in this special powder coating.

The antimicrobial powder coating also acts against algae and mildews (Aspergillus Niger) – unlike antibacterial agents, which only combat bacteria (pneumococcus, staphylococcus, coli bacteria, MRSA).

The action of the additives is predominantly based on the ionizing. Such is the impact of the ions on the metabolic system of the cells, causing primitive organisms to die off. In this way the antimicrobial powder coating prevents their proliferation.

During this process, 5 million germs per hour and per square centimeter are liquidated. The long-term effectiveness provides an essential advantage in comparison with the conventional system with the nano-silver base.