Antimicrobial powder coating.
Effective protection.

Air handling units treat the air, and have to ensure its sustained quality. The surface coating of the air handling units contains permanently active substances, providing a valuable contribution to the reduction of germs.

To avoid the risk of formation of a biofilm in air handling units, robatherm offers air handling units with a long-acting, verified powder coating. Antimicrobial additives are incorporated in this special powder coating.

The antimicrobial powder coating also acts against algae and mildews (Aspergillus Niger) – unlike antibacterial agents, which only combat bacteria (pneumococcus, staphylococcus, coli bacteria, MRSA).

Sustained, effective protection

The antimicrobial additives incorporated in the robatherm powder coating are organometallic substances having an ionizing effect. Thus, new germicidal ions are being formed continuously. An antibacterial coating based on commercial nano-silver may initially give demonstrable results. However, in most cases the antimicrobial action weakens after only a few weeks.

Confirmed: Efficacy remains unchanged for more than ten years

In spring 2010, the very high effectiveness against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and the effectiveness against mold fungi have been certified by an independent, approved testing institute. In 2020, a expert's report confirmed that the effectiveness of the antimicrobial powder coating had remained practically unaltered. Prior to the test, the samples had undergone ten years of exposure to the extract air flow of an air handling unit under real operating conditions.

Permanently hygienic

AHUs by robatherm are designed to last a long time. To be able to treat air hygienically in the long run, professional and regular maintenance is essential. Known for easy cleanability, robatherm AHUs allow for quicker and in-depth maintenance, helping operators provide permanently clean air. Thus, the antimicrobial coating offers exceptionally effective, complementary measures to maintain the existing high hygienic standards of robatherm air handling units in the long term.