TrueIndividual: Uniquely individual

Adapting to individual customer requirements is our core business. TrueIndividual AHU stands for individuality that is combined with the precision of industrial production.

While TrueCompact presents already pre-configured Air Handling Units, Units from the series TrueIndividual offer unlimited flexibility: Cross sections can be selected with almost no limits from 1000 m³/h to 320 000 m³/h, moreover, air Handling Units can be designed in L-, T- or U- shape.



Unbounded Design

An unparalleled amount of unit possibilities stand for the unbounded realization of competent design. Covering a range from 1,000 up to 320,000 m³/h, TrueIndividual offer unrivaled flexibility.
Weather-proof or interior AHU models are available; optionally offered for hygiene or swimming pool applications. AHUs are also available in custom colors.