L + T Sporthaus, Osnabrück – A swimming pool in the middle of a sports shop

L+T’s goal was clearly defined: the new L+T Sporthaus in Osnabrück should become the most innovative sports store in Europe. L+T has also done a lot to achieve that goal. A highlight, located in the center of the building, is the water basin that invites you to go indoor surfing. The pool creates waves up to 1.40m in height and offers surfing fun in the middle of the shopping center. Besides the sales and restaurant rooms, the Sporthaus also includes a fitness studio. And this is where the Sporthaus offers yet another unique feature. By reducing the oxygen content in the air, so-called altitude training is made possible in the center of Osnabrück. A sports store with such ambitions also places high demands on a building’s technology. For this project, robatherm was able to draw on the experience gained from countless projects in the field of shopping centers as well as swimming pools. Five AHUs by robatherm allow those Osnabrück-surfers to breathe freely during and after riding the waves.