BioChem, Karlsruhe – Breathe without worries in the research laboratory

Family-owned and operated, independently and with a focus on core competence. Even though BioChem and robatherm are active in entirely different areas, they indeed share some common ground.
BioChem, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, conducts analyses for the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, diagnostic, and cosmetic industries. Obviously, such a research laboratory has exceptionally high hygienic requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning conditions. To meet these requirements, BioChem relies on robatherm's expertise.

A weatherproofed robatherm AHU in operation. A high-performance run-around coil system enables efficient heat recovery without the risk of exhaust air particles entering the supply air. The AHU's supplemental antimicrobial powder-coating further enhances its protection against contaminants possibly found in the supply air. Companies wishing to offer high-quality laboratory services must be in a position to rely on their working environment. robatherm ensures that the employees at BioChem can breathe easy; without any worries.