The Air Filter Standard ISO 16890

In December 2016, the ISO 16890 standard became effective in order to globally regulate the various standards such as EN 779 or ASHRAE 52.2. Particularly affected are the filter types belonging to the groups G, M and F.

ISO 16890 includes Fine Dust

Various studies, amongst others, those initiated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), are engaged with the impacts of fine dust to human health.
The results are clear. Air pollution and especially the small particles in the air are harmful to health and in part, lead to fatal respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. These particles are categorized in different PM-classes, namely PM1 (aerodynamic diameter ≤ 1 μm), PM2,5 (≤ 2.5 μm) und PM10 (≤ 10 μm). The abbreviation PM stands for “Particulate Matter”, e.g. fine dust.

ISO 16890-Klassen

With robatherm always compliant with ISO 16890

The conversion to ISO 16890 and the connected number of 49 instead of the previous 9 filter classes does indeed cause uncertainty as well as the need for clarification. Especially the fact that previous filter classes could not automatically be assigned to a new class, could evoke discussions during the transition phase. As a premium manufacturer, robatherm feels the responsibility of intensively engaging itself in this subject matter and to meet the upcoming questions with compact information. The brochure „49 instead of 9 filter classes – the air filter model ISO 16890 in the overview.” summarizes the relevant information compactly.
Our experienced staff is looking forward to advising you in regard to which filter classes appear most useful for your specific application.