Rommelag CMO – Filling Plants in a Hygienically Safe Climate

For customers around the world, Rommelag CMO fills over 2 million containers a day. At the Sulzbach location of Holopack Verpackungstechnik GmbH (which belongs to Rommelag CMO), the requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning technology are high. This is understandable because filling of cosmetics or food supplements requires the highest hygienic conditions. A total of 27 AHUs by robatherm have the task of providing just under 400,000 m³ of hygienically safe and clean air every hour. Most AHUs are equipped with antimicrobial powder-coating inside. An integrated high-performance run-around system enables a highly efficient operation and at the same time, with fully-separated air flows, to effectively prevent contamination of the supply air by the exhaust air.