Automobile industry

Alfa Romeo Italy
AMG Germany
Audi Germany
Audi Hungary
BMW Germany
BMW Great Britain
BMW FIZ, München Germany
Boysen Germany
Bugatti France
Citroen France
DAF The Netherlands
DAF Belgium
DaimlerChrysler Germany
DaimlerChrysler Brazil
DaimlerChrysler South Africa
DaimlerChrysler Thailand
DaimlerChrysler Turkey
DaimlerChrysler Bildungszentrum Germany
Dymos Czech Republic
ECIA France
Eissmann Automotive Slovakia
EVO-Bus Germany
Faurecia France
Ford Belgium
Ford Germany
Ford France
Ford India
Ford Spain
Ford Thailand
General Motors Kenya
Honda Great Britain
Hyundai Czech Republic
ISUZU Poland
Iveco Czech Republic
Iveco Germany
Iveco Spain
Jaguar Land Rover Great Britain
John Deere Germany
Kawasaki The Netherlands
KIA Slovakia
MAN Germany
Mercedes Benz France
Mercedes Benz Luxembourg
Mercedes Benz Spain
Michelin France
Nissan Great Britain
Nissan Russia
Opel Belgium
Opel Germany
Opel Russia
Peugeot France
Porsche Germany
Renault France
Renault Belgium
Renault Slovakia
Rover Great Britain
RVI France
SABS Shanghai China
Scania The Netherlands
SEAT Spain
Skoda Czech Republic
Suzuki Hungary
Toyota France
Toyota Russia
Vauxhall Great Britain
Volkswagen Germany
Volkswagen Belgium
Volkswagen Ghana
Volkswagen Slovakia
Volkswagen Spain
Volkswagen The Netherlands
Volvo Belgium
Volvo The Netherlands

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

3M santé France
Abiomed Germany
Aesculap Germany
Angus Chemie Germany
Arevipharma Germany
ASPEN France
AVON Russia
B. Braun Germany
BARRY France
BASF Germany
BASF France
BASF The Netherlands
BASF Poland
Bayer Argentinia
Bayer Brazil
Bayer Germany
Bayer China
Bayer El Salvador
Bayer France
Beiersdorf Germany
Bernd Kraft GmbH Germany
BioChem Germany
BioMérieux France
Bionorica Germany
Bionorica Mallorca
BioRep Germany
Biosphère France
Boehringer Germany
Boiron France
Bosch Germany
BP Germany
BPC Thailand
Brillux Germany
Byk Chemie Germany
Carl Zeiss Germany
Cell Genesys USA
Chanel France
Chanel Cuveries France
Cooper France
Covestro Germany
CSL Germany
Degussa Germany
Delpharm France
Du Pont Germany
Du Pont The Netherlands
ElringKlinger Germany
Ethypharm France
Fármaco Uruguayo SA Uruguay
Fraunhofer Institut Germany
Fresenius Germany
Fresenius France
Fresenius Austria
Freudenberg Germany
Galderma Belgium
Genzyme Belgium
Geropharm Russia
Glaxo Smithkline Belgium
Glaxo Smithkline Germany
Glaxo Smithkline France
GPO-MBP Thailand
GSK France
GSK Argentina
Haupt Pharma France
Hartmann Germany
Hartmann France
Hartmann Czech Republic
Helmholtz Germany
Helvoet Pharma Belgium
HMR France
Henkel Germany
Heraeus Germany
Höchst Germany
Holopack Germany
Hüls Germany
IFPEN France
Institut Curie France
Institut Pasteur Belgium
Institut Pasteur Senegal
Institut Pasteur Central African Republic
Institut Vinca, Belgrad Serbia
IPSEN France
ISP Germany
Knoll Germany
Krupp France
Labo Piette France
Laboratoires Boiron France
Laboratorios Clausen Uruguay
Laboratoires Galderma France
Laboratoires Guerbet France
Leo Pharma France
LFB Biomanufactoring France
Lilly France
Lilly Belgium
Linde Germany
Lonza Spain
L'Oréal France
Merckle Germany
Meditech Germany
Medizinisches Forschungszentrum Germany
MERCK France
Mérial France
MITHRA Belgium
MSD France
Möbelum Germany
Münzing Chemie Germany
NAOS France
Nexen Tire Germany
Nitrochemie Germany
Nordmark Germany
Novonordisk France
Olin Blue Germany
Optima Pharma Germany
Osram Germany
Parfums Christian DIOR France
Parke Davis France
Pasteur Mériéux France
Pfizer France
Pharmaster France
PharmaZell Germany
Philips Medical Systems Germany
Pierre Fabre France
Preclinical Center PCC Germany
Procter + Gamble Germany
Proficolor Germany
R-Pharm Germany
Ratiopharm Germany
Rhodia France
Rohm & Haas France
Roche France
Roche Diagnostics Germany
Rudolf Chemie Germany
Sanofi France
Sanofi-Aventis France
Sanofi Pasteur France
Sanofi UPP3 France
Sartorius France
SB Belgium
Schneider Greenovallee France
Scherer Germany
Schering Plough Germany
Schering Plough France
Schwan Stabilo Germany
Schwarzkopf & Henkel Germany
SKB Belgium
Sky Pharma France
SMAD France
Sofradium France
Solvay Belgium
Solvay Ineos France
Solvay Itiniris France
Solvay Pharmaceuticals The Netherlands
Spimaco Saudi Arabia
Thales France
Thomae Germany
TUM Germany
Urenco Germany
Wacker Germany
Wissenschaftszentrum Germany
Ypsomed Germany

Electronic industry

3m Germany
Acer Taiwan
Aerotec Germany
Airbus Defence and Space Germany
Alcatel Optronics France
Altis France
AMD Thailand
AMP Czech Republic
Atmel Rousset France
BASF France
Bosch Germany
Bosch Rexroth Germany
BSH Germany
Carl Zeiss Germany
CDT Thailand
Circuit foil Luxembourg
Corning Taiwan
CPT Taiwan
EGAT Thailand
Epcos Germany
Evonik Germany
Hewlett Packard Germany
Hitachi Thailand
Hydro Building Systems France
IBM Germany
IBM France
IBM China
Intel Israel
Isofoil Luxembourg
Luso Space Portugal
Max-Planck-Institut Germany
Microchip Thailand
Motorola Toulouse France
NS Electronics Thailand
NS Electronics Germany
Olympus Germany
ON Semiconductor Czech Republic
Optima MAWI Germany
Panasonic Czech Republic
Philips Thailand
Radiall France
Santech Philippines
Shanghai Novel China
Siemens Spain
SIGMA Taiwan
Soitec France
Sony Japan
STMicroelectronics France
TE Connectivity Germany
TelemaxX Germany
Texas Instruments Italy
THAI CRT Thailand
Thales France
Toshiba Germany
Toshiba Philippines
Tower Israel
TSMC Taiwan
Zeiss Germany

Commercial buildings general

11 Chater Road Hong Kong
Addis Catering Ethiopia
AGF - Assubel Belgium
Allianz Germany
Anne-Frank-Museum The Netherlands
AOK Germany
Aupark Tower Bratislava Slovakia
AXA Belgium
BASF Lackmuseum Germany
Bayerischer Landtag Germany
Bayerischer Rundfunk Germany
Bayerischer Verwaltungsgerichtshof Germany
BC Apollo Pratislava I. + II. Slovakia
Belgacom Belgium
Brainpark III + IV Belgium
Brainpark III + IV The Netherlands
Breevast The Netherlands
CEA Grenoble France
Cheung Kong Center Hong Kong
CLT Luxembourg
Codic Kirchberg Luxembourg
Deutsche Bahn Germany
Disneyland Paris France
Dubai Properties United Arab Emirates
EDS The Netherlands
EGCO Thailand
FH Magdeburg Germany
Frankfurter Welle Germany
Fraunhofer-Institut Germany
Fu Cheng Garden China
Gateway Hong Kong
Generali Belgium
Georges-Besse France
German School China
Goudse Poort The Netherlands
H.H.Shk. Ammer Al Nuiami Palace United Arab Emirates
Hooge Huys The Netherlands
Hoogvoorde The Netherlands
Hotel Amersfoort The Netherlands
ICI The Netherlands
IHK Freiburg Germany
ISE Portugal
Jamal Al Ghurair Group United Arab Emirates
Katreine toren The Netherlands
KLM Pensionenfonds The Netherlands
La Poste Belgium
LET Czech Republic
Levob The Netherlands
Logistic Distributive Center Kron 2, Belgrade Serbia
Logistic Distributive Center LDC, Dugopolje Croatia
NATO Friedenshauptquartier Germany
Orangerie The Netherlands
Palaces of H.H. Shk. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Parlament europèen France
Piscine de Geeseknaeppchen Luxembourg
Post Gallerie Karlsruhe Germany
Ramada Germany
Ratsaal Iserlohn Germany
Rechtbank The Netherlands
Restaurant Dubravkin Put, Zagreb Croatia
RTBF Belgium
RWE Germany
SAP Germany
Siemens Germany
SNCF Strasbourg France
Sony Logistics Europe The Netherlands
Sony Mediapark The Netherlands
Sotheby The Netherlands
Sportwissenschaftliche Fakultät Leipzig Germany
Stadtbibliothek Berlin Germany
Stadtteilzentrum Kirchberg Luxembourg
Studenten Sociteit Belgium
Studenten Sociteit The Netherlands
SüdWest-Funk Germany
SWR Germany
Teleport The Netherlands
Théâtre de Luxembourg Luxembourg
TU Dresden Germany
UAE Arm Force United Arab Emirates
UPC Chello Belgium
UPC Chello The Netherlands
WPC The Netherlands
ZDF Germany
ZDF Landesstudio Germany


Banque de Luxembourg Luxembourg
Banque générale Luxembourg
Citi Bank Germany
Commerzbank Germany
Cortal Consors Germany
Crédit Agricole France
Deutsche Bank Germany
Dresdner Bank Germany
EIB Luxembourg
Fortis Banque Belgium
Garanti Bank Turkey
Hypovereinsbank Germany
ING Bank The Netherlands
Is Bank Turkey
KBC Bank Belgium
Landeszentralbanken Germany
Nord LB Germany
Raiffeisenbanken Germany
Sparda Banken Germany
Sparkassen Germany
Volksbank Germany
West LB Germany

Shopping centres

Aldi Germany
Alstertal Einkaufszentrum Hamburg Germany
Alvisse Möbel Luxembourg
Amazon Germany
Arena Mall Zagreb Croatia
Arkaden ECE Braunschweig Germany
Arkaden Münster Germany
Aupark, Bratislava Slovakia
BERO Zentrum Germany
Boltze Germany
C&A Germany
C&A France
Central Fruit & Vegetable Market Kuwait
dm Drogeriemarkt Germany
Drogeriemarkt Müller Germany
East Gate, Berlin Germany
ECE Stadtgalerie, Passau Germany
Edeka Germany
Einkaufszentrum Schwerin Germany
Europa Passage, Hamburg Germany
Fegro Germany
Geschäftshaus, Brandenburg Germany
H&M Germany
H&M Great Britain
HIT-Market Poland
Hugo Boss, Salzburg Austria
Idea Shopping Center Belgrade Serbia
IKEA Belgium
IKEA Czech Republic
IKEA France
IKEA Germany
IKEA Great Britain
IKEA Italy
IKEA Poland
IKEA Slovakia
IKEA Sweden
IKEA Switzerland
IKEA The Netherlands
Interspar Austria
Interspar Croatia
Karstadt Germany
Kaufhof Germany
Kaufland Germany
Küchenarena Germany
Ledergerber Switzerland
Leighton-Barracks Germany
Lidl Germany
Louis Vuitton, Berlin Germany
Marks and Spencer Germany
Mediamarkt Germany
Möbel Kröger Essen Germany
Nova Eventis Germany
Pasing Arcaden, Munich Germany
Peek und Cloppenburg Germany
Saturn Germany
Saturn Czech Republic
SC Murpark Germany
Schlecker Germany
Semenovsky Trade Galerie Russia
Super Konzum Bosnies-Herzegowina
Super Konzum Croatia
Vögele Germany
Wilmersdorfer Arkaden Germany
Zara Germany


ADP France
DFS, Karlsruhe Germany
Flughafen Brno Czech Republic
Flughafen Dresden Germany
Flughafen Düsseldorf Germany
Flughafen Frankfurt Germany
Flughafen Kassel-Calden Germany
Flughafen Stuttgart Germany
Flughafen Tel Aviv Israel
UAE Presidential Flight Reception Area, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Cinema Utopia France
Cinestar Zagreb Croatia
City Bioscoop The Netherlands
Kino Cottbus Germany
Kino Dresden Germany
Kino Duisburg Germany
Kino Düsseldorf Germany
Kino Graz Austria
Kino Hamburg Germany
Kino Kaiserslautern Germany
MGM Bioscoop The Netherlands
SOL Cinema Great Britain
UFA Palast, Berlin Germany

Fairs and exhibitions

Hall Rhenus Strasbourg France
Messe Augsburg Germany
Messe Düsseldorf Germany
Messe Erfurt Germany
Messe Frankfurt Germany
Messe Hannover Germany
Messe Köln Germany
Messe München Germany
Parc Expos Mulhouse France
Parc Expos Villepinte France

Concert halls

Music Hall, Stuttgart Germany
Hanns-Martin Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart Germany
Musical Theater Neuschwanstein Germany
Opernhaus, Frankfurt Germany
Puppenkiste, Augsburg Germany
Rokokosaal, Neusäß Germany
Semper, Dresden Germany


AK St. Georg Germany
AL-Maidan Hospital Kuwait
AL-Razi Hospital Kuwait
Asklepio-Klinik Germany
Augenklinik, Mühlheim Germany
Augustinum, Augsburg Germany
Beijing Hospital China
Berufsgenossenschaft Uniklinik, Hamburg Germany
Bundeswehrklinik Ulm Germany
Clinique de Espérance Belgium
Crona Klinikum, Tübingen Germany
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg Germany
Diakonissenkrankenhaus, Stuttgart Germany
Eppendorf Universitätsklinik Germany
Forschungszentrum, Karlsruhe Germany
Frauen- und Kinderklinik, Leipzig Germany
Frauenklinik, Würzburg Germany
Gesundheitszentrum, Winnenden Germany
Guangxi Hospital China
Gulf Medical College, Ajman United Arab Emirates
Health Care Centre Kuwait
Herz-Diabeteszentrum, Bad Oeyenhausen Germany
Hessenklinik Korbach Germany
Hessingklinik, Augsburg Germany
Hôpital des Enfants, Straßburg France
Hôpital 'La Tronche', Grenoble France
Hôpital Saint Joseph, Paris France
Isarklinik, München Germany
Jilin Hospital China
Katarinenhospital, Stuttgart Germany
Klinika, Moskau Russia
Klinikum Rechts der Isar Germany
Klinikum, Großhadern Germany
KMT (Transplantations-Center) Germany
Kopfklinik, Essen Germany
Kurhaus, Badenweiler Germany
Luitpold Krankenhaus Würzburg Germany
LVA-Klinik Germany
Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Marienhospital Ankum Germany
Medipole France
Neurobiologie, Hamburg Germany
Neurology Hospital, Dubai United Arab Emirates
Ortenau Klinikum, Achern Germany
Orthopädische Klinik, Lichtenau Germany
Reha-Klinik, Bad-Hamm Germany
Reha-Klinik, Donaueschingen Germany
Reha-Klinik, Kaiserstuhl Germany
Reha-Klinik, Neresheim Germany
Reha-Klinik, Ulm Germany
Rheumazentrum, Oberhausen Germany
Rotkreuzkrankenhaus, München Germany
Sana-Klinik Germany
SEHA - Emirates One Day Hospital, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Sevgi Hospital Turkey
Shanghai Hospital China
Shenzhen Children Hospital China
St. Louis Hospital Thailand
St. Vincenz Haus, Köln Germany
Städtische Kliniken, Oldenburg Germany
Stadtkrankenhaus Wolfsburg Germany
Strahlentherapie, Fürth Germany
Strahlentherapie, Stuttgart Germany
Tawam Hospital, Al Ain United Arab Emirates
Therapiezentrum, Burgau Germany
Thoraxklinik, Heidelberg Germany
Unfallklinik Uni Tübingen Germany
Universitätsklinik Essen Germany
Universitätsklinik Safranberg, Ulm Germany
Vincentiushaus, Baden-Baden Germany
Wertachklinik, Schwabmünchen Germany
Westdeutsches Protonentherapiezentrum Essen Germany
Xiangya Hospital, Hunan China
XinHua Hospital, Shanghai China
Zentrum für innere Medizin, Würzburg Germany
Zhengzhou Hospital China
Zhongshan Hospital, Guangzhou China

Factory and production facilities general

Aerospatiale France
Aesculap Germany
Airbus Germany
Airbus France
Arcelor Germany
Arthrex Germany
Benneteau France
Bosch Siemens Germany
Bosch Siemens Poland
Carl Zeiss Germany
Chantiers de l’atlantique France
Conergy Germany
Continental Germany
Cuisines Schmidt France
DASA Germany
Denker, Attendorn Germany
DSM Coating Resins The Netherlands
EADS Germany
EADS France
EBG, Bochum Germany
EON Germany
Eurocopter Germany
Eurocopter France
Festo Germany
FN Herstal Belgium
Gefahrenabwehrzentrum Germany
Giesser, Winnenden Germany
Goodyear Luxembourg
Hartmann Germany
Hartmann China
Hella Slovakia Front Lighting Slovakia
Hermes France
Hilti Germany
Jeanneau France
Johnson & Johnson China
Johnson & Johnson France
Konstruktorska Poland
Liebherr Germany
Mahle Stuttgart Germany
MAN Germany
Miele Germany
Osram China
Osram Germany
Owens Corning Belgium
Phönix Germany
Prefag Germany
Procter & Gamble Germany
Pythagore Switzerland
Rhode + Schwarz Germany
Rolf Benz Germany
Roma Germany
Sabca Belgium
Sontex Switzerland
TEFAL France
Tesa Germany
Thyssen Krupp Germany
Tower Israel
Trumpf France
Tyco Germany
Urenco Germany
Vaillant Slovakia
Vattenfall Germany
Viessmann Germany
Vodafone Campus Germany
Vorwerk Germany
Walter AG Germany
Wanzl Germany

Food industry

Adelholzener Germany
Alnatura-Welt Germany
Bäckerei Staib Germany
Bahlsen Germany
Coca Cola Belgium
Coca Cola Germany
Coca Cola Great Britain
Coppenrath + Wiese Germany
Dairy Gropper Germany
Dan Cake Poland
Danisco Germany
Danone France
DGF, Minden Germany
Disor Belgium
Dr. Theiss Germany
Ehrmann Germany
Ferrero Belgium
Ferrero Germany
Haribo France
Hazlewood The Netherlands
Ihle Germany
Jacobs Germany
Käserei Champignon Germany
Landbäckerei Ihle Germany
Licher Brauerei Germany
Lieken Brot Germany
Lindt & Sprüngli Germany
Luxlait Luxembourg
Mars France
Mc Donalds Romania
Milchwerke Schwaben Germany
Milk Factory Lužani Bosnia-Herzegovina
Müller Milch Germany
Nacanco Germany
Nespresso Switzerland
Nestlé Germany
Neuhaus Belgium
Nordmilch Germany
Orafti Belgium
Panzani France
Paulaner Germany
REWE Zentralfleischerei Germany
Rügenwalder Mühle Germany
Schäfers TK Backwaren Germany
Solarec Belgium
Spa Monopole Belgium
Storck Germany
Sucrerie Tirlemontoise Belgium
Unifo Turkey
Veiling der Kempen Belgium
Veltins Brauerei Germany
Ventury Thailand
Zott Germany

Mechanical engineering

Atlas Germany
Fendt Germany
Haas Laser Germany
Hilti Germany
Hirschvogel Germany
Leitz Germany
Multivac Germany
Rheinmetall Germany
Röhm Germany
Schunk Germany
TIM-Plast France
Trumpf Germany
Trumpf France
Voith Turbo Germany
Wielandwerke Germany
Zahnradfabrik Germany

Paper industry

Edelmann, Heidenheim Germany
Feldmühle Germany
Haindl Germany
Leitz, Unterschneidheim Germany
Paper Platting Germany
SCA The Netherlands
Siam Paper Thailand
Technozoll, Günzach Germany

Steel industry

Bao Shan Steel Works China
Corus The Netherlands
Imatra Finland

Tobacco industry

BAT Romania
Philip Morris Germany
Reemtsma Germany

Textile industry

Kangwal-Polyester Thailand
Thai Baroda Bangkok Thailand
Woertex, Wörnitz Germany