Efficiency in Focus with TrueGreen

With the “TrueGreen” Initiative, robatherm is driving the topic of efficiency in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning from different perspectives, as in the field of heat recovery.
Combined with the "TrueBlue Individual Certificate" by robatherm, an economical and environmental-friendly system is created, which, through an integral view upon the entire service life, stands for true sustainability.


In TrueGreen|hygienic, robatherm unites the advantages of run-around coil systems; for example, the 100% separation of airflows. Thus, a mass transfer, e.g. of germs, pollutants, moisture or smells can safely be prevented. This predestines the run-around coil system for applications with high demands concerning hygiene, such as e.g. medical areas.

With TrueGreen|hygienic, robatherm has also come up with a patented combination of a highly efficient run-around coil system and a heat pump. Instead of conventional regulation by means of a heat flow capacity ratio, robatherm focuses on the exhaust air energy when regulating. This leads up to a 28% reduction in operating costs.