New filter wall for even more air hygiene

With a newly developed filter wall, robatherm underpins its continuous pursuit of high-grade air purity. The result has already been officially put under the microscope: A testing institute has confirmed a separation efficiency of class U15.

Experience in hygiene

In some areas, indoor air quality must meet particularly stringent requirements. Extensive experience and detailed knowledge in hygienic air treatment give robatherm far-reaching know-how in this field. The separation efficiency of the installed filter is of course essential - however, the filter wall and thus the installation of the filter media also play a major role in the efficiency. While filter walls of class H14 (HEPA) have long been part of robatherm's performance spectrum, the new model marks a milestone.

Advantages for reliable performance

Measurements by a testing institute have shown a filtration efficiency of more than 99.9995 % for particles of size 0.1 to 0.3 micrometers. This even exceeds the specific performance values of Class U15. A key factor in the result is the specially designed filter wall. In addition to its particularly high rigidity, it is characterized by optimized tensioning of the filter media. Another advantage is the immediate readiness for use of such a robatherm solution. For example, the filter walls of the desired performance class are already pre-installed in the AHU ex works, eliminating the need for the usual on-site adjustment.