Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Where air becomes potentially dangerous, robatherm offers certified ATEX AHUs including control systems, which make no concessions with regard to versatility, hygiene or energy efficiency. More frequently than commonly assumed, potentially explosive mixtures with a high potential of damage to property and human health are generated under atmospheric conditions when oxygen combines with flammable substances such as gases, vapors or dusts. The ATEX directives – “ATEX” stands for “Atmosphères Explosibles” – commit users, planners and installers of systems to ensuring protection of humans and property. The ATEX protection measures in the field of air handling aim, in particular, at the prevention of ignition sources due to friction, electrical discharges or hot surfaces.

robatherm is the AHU manufacturer with a wealth of experience in the field of ATEX-compliant units. Our certified ATEX units offer the well-known versatility in unit sizes and component ranges while meeting the requirements of hygiene and the highest energy efficiency classes. Equipped with ATEX-compliant control systems that are custom-designed and factory-integrated, ATEX AHUs by robatherm are optimal solutions from a single source.

RLT-Gerät von robatherm gemäß ATEX 95